Introduction | Download Chapter

Debra Meyers and Mary Sue Barnett

1. Sexual Assault Prosecution | Download Chapter

Kristi Gray and Dorislee Gilbert

2. Intentionally Inclusive Pedagogy:  Pedagogical Practice As An Act Of Social Justice | Download Chapter

Tammy Hatfield, Portia Allie-Turco, Sarah E. Johansson, and Melissa Brennan

3. The Dangers Of “You Are Not Your Own”: How Purity Culture Props Up Rape Culture | Download Chapter

Tara M. Tuttle

4. Objectification and Sexualization Of Girls: A Case Study | Download Chapter

Debra Meyers

5. A Squeegee In Your Path: Resisting Erasure | Download Chapter

Johanna W.H. van Wijk-Bos

6. Resistance To Gender-Based Violence And Femicide | Download Chapter

Mary Sue Barnett

7. Child Marriage: A War On Girls | Download Chapter

Donna Pollard

8. Let Me Prey Upon You | Download Chapter

Sandy Phillips Kirkham

9. Patriarchal Power And The Catholic Church | Download Chapter

Rev. Diane Dougherty

10. African-American Pan-Methodist, Baptist, And Pentecostal Women Preachers | Download Chapter

Angela Cowser

11. Black Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Clergywomen At The Crossroads | Download Chapter

Rev. Stephanie A. Welsh

12. Misogynoir And Health Inequities: Giving Voice To The Erased | Download Chapter

Francoise Knox Kazimierczuk and Meredith Shockley-Smith

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