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Hating Girls: Stories and Solidarity by Abigail Lutz

I love to write. I write letters. I keep journals. I write creatively and narratively. I write poems and fantasies. And yet, when it comes time to write about my own experience of misogyny, I am at a loss. The task seems too big. Words and phrases dash across my mind: purity culture, rape, sex, […]

Crisis and Challenge in the Roman Catholic Church: Perspectives on Decline and Reformation

Debra Meyers and Mary Sue Barnett (Eds.) – July 2020 This volume explores the historical, theological, sociological, and ethical dimensions of the current issues threatening the two thousand-year-old Roman Catholic Church. The interdisciplinary analysis contained within the volume exposes the destructive convictions and actions of the Roman Catholic clergy that has produced the current institutional […]

Third Anthology Focused on Spiritual Healing After Sexual Assault Coming Soon

Debra Meyers and Mary Sue Barnett have published two anthologies over the last two years that address the crisis our society faces regarding sexual assault.  Sexual assault, while an important theme in both projects, was not the only focus.  As a result these two projects, Hating Girls (Brill, 2021) and Crisis and Challenge (Rowman and Littlefield, 2020), have reified […]